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The topics of PSGEC 2024 are included below, but not limited:

AI Applications in Power Systems
Diagnostics & Condition Monitoring
Distributed Generation
Electrical Machines and Transformers
Electricity Market and Power System Economics
Energy Storage, Fuel Cell Technologies, and Trends
Electrical Vehicles, Grid to Vehicle (G2V) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
Energy Efficiency
Energy Management
High Voltage Systems
HVDC and FACTS Devices
Industrial Automation and Control
Modelling and Simulation






Modeling Cyber-physical Smart Grids and Demand Response Management
Power Electronics and Drives
Power Engineering Education
Power Quality (PQ)
Power System Operation and Planning
Power System Reliability
Power Systems Control & Protection
Renewable Energy including Modelling, Operation, Control and Integration
Safe and Resiliency through Community-Scale Micro-Grids
Solar Power Systems, Energy and Water Management and Sustainability
Smart Grid Development
Sustainable Energy Technologies
Transmission and Distribution


Special Session 专题会议

Special Session I 专题会议一:
Simulation Intelligence of New Power Systems | 新型电力系统仿真智能技术

Chair: Prof. Chen Shen, Tsinghua University, China
Vice Chair: Prof. Ying Chen, Tsinghua University, China
Vice Chair: Prof. Shaowei Huang, Tsinghua University, China

Special Session II 专题会议二:
Virtual Power Plants with Multi-Source Distributed Resources | 面向多源分布式资源的虚拟电厂

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Pei Yong, Chongqing University, China
Vice Chair: Prof. Zhifang Yang, Chongqing University, China

The topics is included, but not limited:
1) Massive distributed resource aggregation under the framework of virtual power plants
2) Coordination of different kinds of distributed resources in virtual power plants
3) Flexibility modeling and evaluation of virtual power plants
4) Virtual power plant operation optimization with multi-source distributed resources
5) Information, communication, and control technologies that support virtual power plants
6) Advanced technologies and their application in virtual power plants
7) Economic and social analysis of virtual power plants

Special Session III 专题会议三:
Low-Carbon Planning & Operation of Interdependent Energy-Transportation Systems | 能源-交通耦合系统低碳规划与运行

Chair:Prof. Sheng Chen, Hohai University, China
Chair:Prof. Si Lv, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Moving towards a low-carbon future, the proliferation of electric/hydrogen vehicles and the wide deployment of energy refueling stations would greatly deepen the interdependence of energy and transportation systems from both planning and operation perspectives. The interested topic of this special session includes but not limited to:
1) Modeling of interdependent energy-transportation systems
2) Resilience enhancement and vulnerability analysis of interdependent energy-transportation systems
3) Low carbon operation & planning of interdependent energy-transportation systems
4) Market mechanism for stimulating flexibilities in interdependent energy-transportation systems
5) Cyber-physical analysis of interdependent energy-transportation systems

Special Session IV 专题会议四:
Planning and Operation of Integrated Energy Systems | 综合能源系统规划与运行

Chair: Prof. Jiehui Zheng, South China University of Technology, China
Vice Chair: Prof. Zhigang Li, South China University of Technology, China

This Section is concerned with but not limited to the research on the key fundamental issues of integrated energy systems (IESs) planning and operation under uncertainties, which consist of four parts:
1) Modeling of IESs, in inclusion of modeling the dynamic behaviors of various energy devices as well as their connections to form an IES model;
2) development of high-dimensional multi-objective stochastic optimization algorithms;
3) development of decision-making support for determination of the final optimal solution for the planning and operation of IESs under uncertainties, selected from the Pareto sets of the multi-objective optimization computation;
4) mechanism design for distributed IES to participate in the electricity market under various interest entities.

Special Session V 专题会议五:
Resilience Enhancement Strategy of Power System Against Extreme Events | 应对极端事件的电力系统韧性提升策略

Chair: Prof. Chuan He, Sichuan University, China
Vice Chair: Prof. Lu Nan, Sichuan University, China

Scope is included but not limited:
1) Fault modeling and fault propagation mechanism under extreme events; 2) Resilience evaluation of new-type power system;
3) Power system planning against extreme events;
4) Power system operation during extreme events;
5) Optimal restoration of power system after extreme events;
6) AI-based applications for improving power system resilience.

Special Session VI 专题会议六:
Planning and Operation of Energy Autonomy Microgrid and Distribution Network | 能源自治型微电网及配电网规划与运行

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Zhi Wu, Southeast University, China
Vice Chair: Prof. Yijun Xu, Southeast University, China
Vice Chair: Dr. Shuai Lu, Southeast University, China

Scope is included but not limited:
(1) Energy autonomy definition and evaluation of microgrid and distribution network
(2) Planning of energy autonomy microgrid and distribution network
(3) Operation of energy autonomy microgrid and distribution network
(4) Cooperation between Microgrid and distribution network
(5) Virtual inertia control and optimization of microgrid and distribution network.

Special Session VII 专题会议七:
Advanced Control for Stability, Reliability and Resilience Enhancement in Autonomous On-Board Electric Power Systems | 面向稳定性、可靠性和韧性提升的移动载具独立电力系统先进控制

Chair: Assist. Prof. Pengfeng Lin, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Vice Chair: Assoc. Prof. Fei Gao, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Electric power systems onboard vehicles, aircraft, and ships are commonly conceptualized as islanded microgrids within research and industrial contexts. In these systems, the absence of a bulk power grid to buffer the imbalance between generation and consumption can lead to challenges in stability, reliability, and resilience. To enhance our understanding of optimal microgrid operations, this special session aims to delve into the following topics.
(1) (1) Advanced modeling for onboard electric power systems
(2) AI-enabled control techniques for more stable onboard electric power systems
(3) Systematic noncoherent and coherent reliability assessment for islanded microgrid
(4) Coordinated resilience control and assessment for islanded microgrid
(5) Inertial flexibility control for islanded microgrid

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